Al Linnell


Dear Visitor:

It is with great pleasure that we present our digitally documented visual arts collection detailing the diverse fine art collection in the Essex County Civic and Education Centre.

The collection presented numbers over 85 pieces to date, it conveys a multitude of differing artistically expressive styles, media and technical processes. This unique arts acquisition program has benefitted from continued support of owner/tenants of the Civic Centre, the Province of Ontario as well as local corporate/private initiatives and donations.

We are proud of our indigenous collection showcasing the creative legacy of our area artists. We encourage talented individuals to submit their interpretive works when the opportunity arises by way of a juried process.

Our collection is viewed most favourably by regional and provincial authorities. We will endeavour to continue with the spirit and original educational intent of this dynamic community outreach so that this visual and historical documentation of Essex County may not only be appreciated by today's residents, but also by future generations.

Al Linnell
Essex County Civic and Education Centre

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